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The LSU AgCenter’s Burden Center will host a CORN MAZE on each Saturday during the month of October!  On the 1, 8, 15, and 22 of October from 4 – 7 pm, admission during these dates will be $5 per person.  Admission for the October 29 Corn Maze, which also will include a bonfire activity from 4 – 9 pm, will be  $10 per person.  The LSU AgCenter’s Burden Center is located at 4560 Essen Lane in Baton Rouge, LA.  Come visit the Burden Center in October and enjoy a special outing of fun for the whole family!

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In a movement propelled by environmental concern, nostalgia for a simpler life and a dollop of marketing savvy, developers are increasingly laying out their cul-de-sacs around organic farms, cattle ranches, vineyards and other agricultural ventures. “Agriculture is the new golf,” says Ed McMahon, a senior resident fellow at the Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit group focused on land-use planning.

The trend has its roots in the growing distaste for prototypical suburban sprawl: mile after mile of look-alike homes broken up by the occasional park. The sustainability movement, with its emphasis on conservation, preservation and local food production, has helped, too. The model for many of these developments is Prairie Crossing, a community built around a 100-acre organic farm in Grayslake, Ill., north of Chicago. When it was launched in 1992, the concept was so novel that Prairie Crossing didn’t need a marketing budget; it coasted on free publicity generated by reporters who came to see this strange new suburb. In recent years, Prairie Crossing has morphed from oddity to inspiration. Its developers have fielded so many queries from firms considering similar projects that they organized a two-day seminar last fall.

To learn more, visit: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903392904576510492421141056.html

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