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Managing ants is actually easier than you think – if you understand how they live! A webinar recording by the Urban Integrated Pest Management Community on eXtension will help participants learn how to apply integrated pest management tactics that are as economical and environmentally friendly as possible.  Topics covered in the one hour presentation include: How to tell if you have odorous ants; Understanding the biology and behavior of carpenter ants; and Managing problems with Pharaoh ants. Vists this site to view the recording:


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Bucking the notion that vegetable gardens should be banished to an out-of-view corner of the backyard, more gardeners are mixing edible plants throughout the landscape in ways that are inventive, decorative and sometimes stunning. Flower beds are edged with frilly lettuces, tomatoes are climbing up front-door arbors, and strawberries are spilling out of window boxes.  The idea—known in garden-design circles as “edible landscaping”—is to find ways to marry veggies, fruit trees and berry bushes with ornamental plants and flowers in ways that complement both.

To enjoy more about this interesting and fun article written by Anne Marie Chaker visit this site:


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