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The Piney Hills Master Gardeners extend an invitation to gardeners and their families to visit the Butterfly Capital of Louisiana and attend the 14th Annual Haynesville Celebration of the Butterflies scheduled for September 15th at the Claiborne Parish Fairgrounds in Haynesville, Louisiana.  Educational speakers for the event will include urban horticulturalist Felder Rushing, University of Louisiana botany professor Dr. Charles Allen and New Orleans Master Gardener Joe Baucum.

Also included in the day long event will be special activities for children along with craft and food vendors, tours, photography and horseshoe competitions, live music and more.  To see a complete agenda on the Celebration of Butterflies event, including directions to the Claiborne Parish Fairgrounds, visit the following site:


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2014 will mark the official 100th Year Anniversary of the Cooperative Extension Service that was established by the Smith Lever Act in 1914. Katie Pratt, author of the news article “UK College of Agriculture” provides a unique and historical accounting involving past to present delivery methods of Kentucky’s Extension county agents.  The story is certainly applicable to the initial start and current contribution of Extension programs nationwide.  To enjoy this excellent story go here: bit.ly/PAlChV

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It is not unusual for home gardeners to become frustrated when the roses they plant do not match the lush photographs they see in the mail order catalogs.  In an article by the New York Times titled “Leading the Search for a self-Reliant Bloom” the curator of the New York Botanical Garden and Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is part of a national movement to identify and promote vigorous rose varieties that can thrive without chemical intervention. For the complete story visit:


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Interested in knowing what Master Gardeners in other states are doing?  How about information on various horticulture topics? The eXtension website has available130 articles that span from 2010 to 2012. Some of the articles include: Santa Fe Master Gardeners Share Love of Horticulture and Community; Leaf Loss Means Tree Stress; Resources You Can Use for Community Gardens; Grow Your Own Pineapple; Georgia Master Gardeners Help Gardeners, Communities Grow.

To view the listing of articles on eXtension visit: http://www.extension.org/mastergardener/news


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