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Registration for the 2014 Southern Region Conference is underway! This conference for 2014 will feature an outstanding cast of speakers, a variety of educational break-out sessions, tours, and gala fun!  The 2014 Southern Region Master Gardener Conference is scheduled for October 20-24 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Early bird registration ends July 15th. For complete information on registration, accommodations, scheduling, tours, and all conference activities go to: www.southernregionmgconf2014.com  and go to this U-Tube link for your invitation to join us in October for the 2014 Southern Region Master Gardener Conference!


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What inspires and motivates people to volunteer; to act selflessly and make personal sacrifices that help others on behalf of someone else? Whatever the reasons, volunteers do make a difference in people’s lives every day. Take a moment to view this heart-warming video that demonstrates well how lives are touched through a simple volunteer act of helping someone.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/uaWA2GbcnJU

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The educators at Smithsonian Gardens want to get the word out about a new program and are pleased to announce the launch of Community of Gardens, a participatory, digital archive for crowdsourcing stories about gardens and gardening in the United States. You can browse the stories on a map or submit your own story. Smithsonian Gardens is collecting stories about backyards, community gardens, memories of gardens past, heirloom plants, gardening through the decades, and more. Over the next year Smithsonian Gardens will also be rolling out a project-based learning curriculum and toolkit to support teachers interested in getting their students out into their community to collect stories about gardens. This summer Smithsonian Gardens will launch a mobile app. Here is a link to the project: https://communityofgardens.si.edu/

Take a moment browse stories from around the country, and think about adding your own story. Does your grandmother have memories of her Victory Garden? Have you always wanted to interview your neighbor about their community garden plot? Community of Gardens is about connecting communities and sharing stories about the green spaces that enrich our lives.

For questions regarding this grassroots, educational initiative, please email Kate Fox at communityofgardens@si.edu<mailto:communityofgardens@si.edu>.

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